MySQL Database Engine Demo

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This demo is part of AZC.COM's Feature Showcase
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Housing Search in the San Francisco Bay Area

This demo database is based on publicly available rental housing information for part of the San Francisco Bay Area. AZC.COM disclaims that the database contains any useful or factual info whatsoever. Please see our disclaimer. The demo shows you a realistic database application using the fast, threaded, light weight, and easy to use SQL database server, MySQL, by T.C.X. DataKonsult AB.

Type of rental: Rent
Rooms for rent
Shared rentals
$ to $
Bedrooms Bathrooms
at least: at least:

Database: Unknown database 'guru'

Query failed: No Database Selected

Query failed: No Database Selected

$NUM_ROWS found, entries 1 - expr: syntax error

print_rows: query handle q1 not found

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